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Field Trial Training

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Training Through Repetition and Attrition

Our goal is to keep our dog's attitudes right, and teach them step by step, so that they understand all the mechanics of the field.

We have spent years studying the art of dog training. We have developed our unique techniques and styles through research, videos, written material, seminars, and other trainers. We believe watching the dogs run in the field will tell you a lot about how they have been trained. Through personal experience,we have developed a style that gives our dogs an incredible success rate.

We like our dogs to run hard, try hard, and not be afraid to make mistakes. That comes when things are in clear pictures for the dogs. They should always know what is expected of them. We don't train through failure and pressure, but with repetition, success, and attrition. We love our dogs to run hard, and to love what they do as much as we do!

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