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John and I started Tru Line Retrievers in 2005.

Having years of individual training experience, as well as spending several years training together, we were extremely excited and confident starting our own business together!

John Henninger:

TJ on the cover of the Retriever Field Trial News, 1979"I started training as an Amateur in 1982 in Roseburg, Oregon. After putting three dogs through the Hunt Test getting their Master Titles, I was completely in love with the dogs and the sport. Feeling that I had a knack with the dogs,  I wanted to move to the Field Trials to see were I stood as a dog trainer.

"I met T.J. LindBloom who also lived in Roseburg, Oregon, (T.J. LindBloom, winner of the National in 1979). T.J. helped me to start training for the Field Trials."

Henninger, being so adamant, turned his hobby into full-time training. Leasing a kennel in 1993 started his next steps to becoming Tru-Line Retrievers.

"The hardest part of being on the road constantly is really missing my kids and not being able to see them every day. I am very proud of my two kids, Chad and Kyla."


Amie Henninger

"I started working at Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc. in Sandy, Oregon, training seeing eye dogs. While in Sandy, Oregon, I also got involved in running Field Trials with Brittanys. Growing up with Brittanys and hunting with my father was a big highlight for me. When running trials with Brittanys, it's all from horseback. Having been in horses my whole life, this was definitely a thrill!"

"In 2000, I left Guide Dogs and moved into a couple different areas including running hounds in Nevada also off horseback. I also started training Labradors for Hunting, Hunt Test and Field Trial. This is when I met John. After training together several years we made the decision to branch out and start our road together! "

"We've had a great time together and have enjoyed a large amount of success. We'd like to give special thanks to our family, friends, and our wonderful clients!"


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